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eosio-cpp -o hello.wasm hello.cpp --abigen
hello.cpp:11:16: error: unknown type name 'account_name'
void hi( account_name user ) {
hello.cpp:16:20: error: C++ requires a type specifier for all declarations
EOSIO_ABI( hello, (hi) )
hello.cpp:16:25: error: expected function body after function declarator
EOSIO_ABI( hello, (hi) )
3 errors generated.

account_name 官方定义在 eosiolib/types.hpp 中,尝试在build目录下执行sudo make install命令。或者将eos的inclue加入环境变量b吧!
官方语法更新!!!网络上找到的教程都是老版本!!!最新的应该是name!!!见官方链接 helllo.cpp


Error 3080004: Transaction exceeded the current CPU usage limit imposed on the transaction


system delegatebw itleakstoken tokenitleaks "2.0000 EOS" "2.000 EOS" -p 121adsas


错误代码 错误信息 中文含义
3000000 blockchain exception 区块链异常
3010000 chain type exception 链类型异常
3010001 Invalid name 无效的名称
3010002 Invalid public key 无效的公钥
3010003 Invalid private key 无效的私钥
3010004 Invalid authority 无效的授权
3010005 Invalid action 无效的动作
3010006 Invalid transaction 无效的交易
3010007 Invalid ABI 无效的ABI
3010008 Invalid block ID 无效的区块ID
3010009 Invalid transaction ID 无效的交易ID
3010010 Invalid packed transaction 无效的打包交易
3010011 Invalid asset 无效的资产
3010012 Invalid chain ID 无效的链ID
3010013 Invalid fixed key 无效的固定密钥
3010014 Invalid symbol 无效的代币符号
3015000 ABI exception ABI异常
3015001 No ABI found 没有找到ABI
3015002 Invalid Ricardian Clause 无效的李嘉图语句
3015003 Invalid Ricardian Action 无效的李嘉图动作
3015004 The type defined in the ABI is invalid ABI中定义的类型无效
3015005 Duplicate type definition in the ABI ABI中存在重复定义的类型
3015006 Duplicate struct definition in the ABI ABI中存在重复定义的结构
3015007 Duplicate action definition in the ABI ABI中存在重复定义的动作
3015008 Duplicate table definition in the ABI ABI中存在重复定义的数据表
3015009 Duplicate error message definition in the ABI ABI中存在重复定义的错误信息
3015010 ABI serialization time has exceeded the deadline ABI序列化时间超过截止值
3015011 ABI recursive definition has exceeded the max recursion depth ABI中的递归定义超过最大允许深度
3015012 Circular definition is detected in the ABI ABI中检测到循环定义
3015013 Unpack data exception 解包数据发生异常
3015014 Pack data exception 打包数据发生异常
3015015 Duplicate variant definition in the ABI ABI中存在重复定义的变量
3015016 ABI has an unsupported version 不支持的ABI版本
3020000 Fork database exception 分叉数据库异常
3020001 Block can not be found 找不到区块
3030000 Block exception 区块异常
3030001 Unlinkable block 无法链接的区块
3030002 Transaction outputs in block do not match transaction outputs from applying block 指定区块与待应用区块中的交易输出不匹配
3030003 Block does not guarantee concurrent execution without conflicts 区块不能保证无冲突并发执行
3030004 Shard locks in block are incorrect or mal-formed 区块的分片锁不正确或格式错误
3030005 Block exhausted allowed resources 区块已耗尽许可的资源
3030006 Block is too old to push 区块太陈旧,无法提交
3030007 Block is from the future 区块时间过早
3030008 Block is not signed with expected key 区块签名与密钥不一致
3030009 Block is not signed by expected producer 区块签名与出块人不一致
3040000 Transaction exception 交易异常
3040001 Error decompressing transaction 解压交易失败
3040002 Transaction should have at least one normal action 交易至少应当包含一个常规动作
3040003 Transaction should have at least one required authority 交易至少应当包含一个授权
3040004 Context-free action should have no required authority 上下文无关动作不应当包含授权
3040005 Expired Transaction 超时的交易
3040006 Transaction Expiration Too Far 交易超时过久
3040007 Invalid Reference Block 无效的参考块
3040008 Duplicate transaction 重复的交易
3040009 Duplicate deferred transaction 重复的延迟交易
3040010 Context free action is not allowed inside generated transaction 在生成的交易中不允许出现上下文无关动作
3040011 The transaction can not be found 交易找不到
3040012 Pushing too many transactions at once 同时提交过多的交易
3040013 Transaction is too big 交易过大
3040014 Unknown transaction compression 未知的交易压缩方式
3050000 Action validate exception 动作验证异常
3050001 Account name already exists 账号名已经存在
3050002 Invalid Action Arguments 无效的动作参数
3050003 eosio_assert_message assertion failure 消息条件验证失败
3050004 eosio_assert_code assertion failure 代码条件验证失败
3050005 Action can not be found 找不到动作
3050006 Mismatch between action data and its struct 动作数据和结构定义不匹配
3050007 Attempt to use unaccessible API 试图访问不许可的API
3050008 Abort Called 中止被调用
3050009 Inline Action exceeds maximum size limit 内联动作超过允许的最大尺寸
3060000 Database exception 数据库异常
3060001 Permission Query Exception 许可查询异常
3060002 Account Query Exception 账号查询异常
3060003 Contract Table Query Exception 合约数据表查询异常
3060004 Contract Query Exception 合约查询异常
3060100 Guard Exception 保护性异常
3060101 Database usage is at unsafe levels 数据库利用处于不安全等级
3060102 Reversible block log usage is at unsafe levels 可逆块日志利用处于不安全等级
3070000 WASM Exception WASM异常
3070001 Error in WASM page memory WASM内存页错误
3070002 Runtime Error Processing WASM 处理WASM时发生运行时错误
3070003 Serialization Error Processing WASM 处理WASM时发生序列化错误
3070004 memcpy with overlapping memory 内存拷贝时发生地址重叠
3070005 binaryen exception binaryen异常
3080000 Resource exhausted exception 资源耗尽异常
3080001 Account using more than allotted RAM usage 账号使用的内存超限
3080002 Transaction exceeded the current network usage limit imposed on the transaction 交易网络占用超限
3080003 Transaction network usage is too much for the remaining allowable usage of the current block 交易网络占用过高
3080004 Transaction exceeded the current CPU usage limit imposed on the transaction 交易CPU占用超限
3080005 Transaction CPU usage is too much for the remaining allowable usage of the current block 交易CPU占用过高
3080006 Transaction took too long 交易用时过长
3080007 Transaction exceeded the current greylisted account network usage limit 交易超过当前灰名单账号的网络用量上限
3080008 Transaction exceeded the current greylisted account CPU usage limit 交易超过当前灰名单账号的CPU用量上限
3081001 Transaction reached the deadline set due to leeway on account CPU limits 由于账号CPU限制,交易已经达到截止区
3090000 Authorization exception 授权异常
3090001 Duplicate signature included 包含重复的签名
3090002 Irrelevant signature included 包含不相关的签名
3090003 Provided keys, permissions, and delays do not satisfy declared authorizations 提供的密钥、许可和延时不能满足声称的授权
3090004 Missing required authority 授权丢失
3090005 Irrelevant authority included 包含不相关的授权
3090006 Insufficient delay 延时不足
3090007 Invalid Permission 许可无效
3090008 The action is not allowed to be linked with minimum permission 不允许该动作链接到最小许可
3090009 The parent permission is invalid 父级许可无效
3100000 Miscellaneous exception 其他异常
3100001 Internal state is no longer consistent 内部状态不一致
3100002 Unknown block 未知区块
3100003 Unknown transaction 未知交易
3100004 Corrupted reversible block database was fixed 被破坏的可逆区块数据库已修复
3100005 Extracted genesis state from blocks.log 从区块日志中提取的创世状态
3100006 Subjective exception thrown during block production 出块时抛出异常
3100007 Multiple voter info detected 检测到多个投票人信息
3100008 Feature is currently unsupported 当前不支持的特性
3100009 Node management operation successfully executed 结果管理操作执行成功
3110000 Plugin exception 插件异常
3110001 Missing Chain API Plugin Chain API插件丢失
3110002 Missing Wallet API Plugin Wallet API插件丢失
3110003 Missing History API Plugin History API插件丢失
3110004 Missing Net API Plugin Net API插件丢失
3110005 Missing Chain Plugin Chain插件丢失
3110006 Incorrect plugin configuration 插件配置不正确
3120000 Wallet exception 钱包异常
3120001 Wallet already exists 钱包已经存在
3120002 Nonexistent wallet 钱包不存在
3120003 Locked wallet 已锁定的钱包
3120004 Missing public key 公钥丢失
3120005 Invalid wallet password 无效的钱包密码
3120006 No available wallet 没有有效的钱包
3120007 Already unlocked 已经解锁
3120008 Key already exists 密钥已经存在
3120009 Nonexistent key 不存在的密钥
3120010 Unsupported key type 不支持的密钥类型
3120011 Wallet lock timeout is invalid 钱包锁定超时无效
3120012 Secure Enclave Exception 安全专区异常
3130000 Actor or contract whitelist/blacklist exception 执行人或合约白名单/黑名单异常
3130001 Authorizing actor of transaction is not on the whitelist 交易的授权执行人不在白名单中
3130002 Authorizing actor of transaction is on the blacklist 交易的授权执行人在黑名单中
3130003 Contract to execute is not on the whitelist 要执行的合约不在白名单中
3130004 Contract to execute is on the blacklist 要执行的合约在黑名单中
3130005 Action to execute is on the blacklist 要执行的动作在黑名单中
3130006 Public key in authority is on the blacklist 授权中的公钥在黑名单中
3140000 Exceptions that are allowed to bubble out of emit calls in controller 控制器异常
3140001 Block does not match checkpoint 区块与检查点不匹配
3160000 Contract exception 合约异常
3160001 The payer of the table data is invalid 表数据支付账号无效
3160002 Table access violation 数据表访问违规
3160003 Invalid table iterator 无效的数据表迭代器
3160004 Table can not be found inside the cache 缓存中找不到指定的数据表
3160005 The table operation is not allowed 不允许数据表操作
3160006 Invalid contract vm type 无效的合约虚拟机类型
3160007 Invalid contract vm version 无效的合约虚拟机版本
3160008 Contract is already running this version of code 合约已经在运行这个版本的代码
3160009 No wast file found ,没有找到wast文件
3160010 No abi file found 没有找到abi文件
3170000 Producer exception 出块人异常
3170001 Producer private key is not available 出块人私钥无效
3170002 Pending block state is missing 待定区块状态丢失
3170003 Producer is double confirming known range 出块人双重确认
3170004 Producer schedule exception 出块人调度计划异常
3170006 The producer is not part of current schedule 出块人不属于当前安排计划
3170007 The configured snapshot directory does not exist 配置的快照目录不存在
3170008 The requested snapshot already exists 请求的快照已经存在
3180000 Reversible Blocks exception 可逆区块异常
3180001 Invalid reversible blocks directory 无效的可逆区块目录
3180002 Backup directory for reversible blocks already existg 可逆块的备份目录已存在
3180003 Gap in the reversible blocks database 不连续的可逆区块数据库
3190000 Block log exception 区块日志异常
3190001 unsupported version of block log 不支持的区块日志版本
3190002 fail to append block to the block log 向区块日志添加区块时失败
3190003 block log can not be found 找不到区块日志
3190004 block log backup dir already exists 区块日志备份目录已存在
3200000 http exception http异常
3200001 invalid http client root certificate 无效的http客户端证书
3200002 invalid http response 无效的http请求
3200003 service resolved to multiple ports 服务对应多个端口
3200004 fail to resolve host 解析主机名失败
3200005 http request fail http请求失败
3200006 invalid http request 无效的http请求
3210000 Resource limit exception 资源限制异常
3220000 Mongo DB exception MongoDB异常
3220001 Fail to insert new data to Mongo DB MongoDB插入数据失败
3220002 Fail to update existing data in Mongo DB MongoDB更新数据失败
3230000 Contract API exception 合约API异常
3230001 Crypto API Exception 密码学API异常
3230002 Database API Exception 数据库API异常
3230003 Arithmetic Exception 算术异常
3240000 Snapshot exception 快照异常
3240001 Snapshot Validation Exception 快照验证异常
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